• MARK Mann

    I have been leading Oxford University Innovation's activities in AHSS since January 2016 after a background in science and engineering.

    My degrees are from Pembroke College, Cambridge where I first read Natural Sciences, then moved over to Engineering to complete a PhD in carbon nanotubes and electron beams.

    I continued as a post-doc and diversified into thin film deposition, devices and displays, project-managing UK government and EU-sponsored collaborative projects.

    I then  joined the BBC's Research and Development Department in 2010. I focussed on image processing but then became a Technology Transfer Manager, getting the inventions and technical developments R&D produce out into the BBC and the wider broadcast industry.

    In 2015 I took up a position as a Senior Technology Transfer Manager at OUI where I am responsible for licensing and spinning out technology, methodologies, franchises and ideas developed at the University, some as social enterprises. My portfolio of projects covered a wide range of technologies coming from the Departments of Chemistry, Engineering Science, Physics and Computer Science. I now focus exclusivesly on Humanities & Social Sciences where we are substantially increasing our activity, developing ideas and projects and have 2 new spinouts as a consequence.
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