Monika Rychtáriková was born in Bratislava on 4th of April 1975. She studied architecture and building constructions at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at STU Bratislava, where she graduated (1998), received her PhD degree (2002) and become a full professor in (2016). During her research stays, she has visited TU Wien (Austria), TU Delft (The Netherlands), RWTH Aachen (Germany), TU Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI). For more than 10 years she has been working in the Laboratory for Acoustics (KU Leuven) on different topics related to architectural acoustics. In 2016 she was appointed as an associated professor at the Faculty of Architecture (KU Leuven). Since 2002, she has been active in different fields of building physics in general and building and room acoustics, environmental and virtual acoustics and perception of sound in particular. During the years 2011-2017 she has been a chair of Technical committee of Room and Building Acoustics of European Acoustic Association. In 2016 she has received an award “Female Scientist of the year 2015”. Since 2017 she has been the president of Slovak Acoustic Society.
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