Guy Theraulaz is a senior research fellow at the National Center for Scientific Research CNRS) and an expert in the study of collective animal behavior. He is also a leading researcher in the field of swarm intelligence, primarily studying social insects but also distributed algorithms, e.g. for collective robotics, directly inspired by nature. His research focuses on the understanding of a broad spectrum of collective behaviors in animal societies by quantifying and then modeling the individual level behaviors and interactions, thereby elucidating the mechanisms generating the emergent, group-level properties. He was one of the main characters of the development of quantitative social ethology and collective intelligence in France. He published many papers on nest construction in ant and wasp colonies, collective decision in ants and cockroaches, and collective motion in fish schools and pedestrian crowds. He has also coauthored five books, among which Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems (Oxford University Press, 1999) and Self-organization in biological systems (Princeton University Press, 2001) that are now considered as reference textbooks.
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